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Lampshades - commissions and refurbishment

Lampshades come in many shapes and sizes and are a brilliant way to finish off a room or add a pop of fun or colour. 

Straight sided shades can be covered with gathered or pleated fabric (soft sided) or hard sided (a stiff plastic with fabric or paper adhered to it).

Lampshades with curved frames are known as tailored shades as they required the fabric to be shaped and stretched to hug the curves of the frame. 

All types of shades can have decorative trims added to them to tie in with other accessories in your room (eg co-ordingating piping with cushions or a beaded trim).

Please contact us if you would like to comission a lampshade or have a vintage shade you would like refurbished.


A pair ot gathered shades in an indian block print cotton ith beaded trim


A drum shade, this shade could be used as a table lamp shade or be ceiling mounted


A taillored shade with co-ordinating braid, fringe and beaded droplets


A pair of small drum shades for bedside lamps


A tailored shade with contrast trim.


A pleated shaded having the lining stretched.

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